11-Year-Old Logan Fairbanks Reads His Online Bullies’ Comments, And It’s Infuriating

Logan Fairbanks, an 11-year-old boy who, along with his dad, posts good-natured prank videos to YouTube, has come to the cowardly attention of online bullies.

But Logan is also doing something about it.

In a powerful new video, the youngster abandons his normally jovial disposition to simply read the comments that his online bullies have left him.

You can tell it’s difficult for Logan, but he holds it together every second of the clip and bravely reads each and every hateful word in hopes of bringing awareness to the problem of online bullying. He also has a powerful message for others that find themselves the targets of these (usually anonymous) cowards.

Don’t let them dictate your happiness. People will talk badly about you, oftentimes because they have nothing better going on in their own lives, and their opinions should be the most insignificant things in your life.

Still, as powerful as what Logan Fairbanks is doing is, it’s hard not to be infuriated by some of the things that YouTube commenters have left on his videos.

“I hope he gets cancer,” was one of the more appalling comments, along with many that made fun of Logan’s weight and some homophobic slurs.

It’s a hard video to watch, and according to Logan’s dad, Josh Fairbanks, it was a hard one to shoot as a father, but Logan insisted.

Here’s the full two minutes, 14 seconds if you think you can handle it.

Thankfully, some of the better people on YouTube chimed in with support for the video.

“You’ve displayed a higher level of maturity and intellect than any of your bullies,” wrote Rodney Thomas. “Kudos to you and your father for making this video. Stay strong Logan.”

“Cyber-bullying is the most coward way of insulting someone,” added Agustin Magallanes. “You just say nasty things to someone who doesn’t even know you and has never done anything to you behind a screen and anonymously.”

(Note: these nicer, saner comments mostly come from people, who attach their names to what they’re saying. In proving Agustin’s point, you don’t find much of that, particularly on YouTube, when negative comments are involved.)

One more.

“Logan, thanks for posting this,” writes Jerry Ozbun. “Despite what others have and will say, I hope that I can raise my son with the character that you have shown here. Josh, you’ve raised a heck of a kid there, I am positive you are very proud of him, as you should be.”

What do you think of the Logan Fairbanks video? Have you ever known an online bully in real life? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Logan Fairbanks via YouTube screen grab, linked above]