‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: HOH Attempts To Turn ‘BB17’ House Against New Target For Eviction

Big Brother 17 spoilers from Sunday (July 12) reveal the HOH trying to shift the BB17 house. These Big Brother spoilers follow the Week 3 Veto competition, where things went according to plan for solo Head of Household Vanessa Rousso. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, eviction nominee John McGuire (the dentist) was able to win another Veto, meaning he will now take himself off the block. It forces Vanessa (the poker player) to nominate someone new. As confirmed by a report from fan site Big Brother Network, she is trying to turn the BB17 house against Jeff Weldon (from The Amazing Race).

While a lot of people in the house still want to see Audrey Middleton nominated for eviction, that’s not what Vanessa feels is the best for her game. This has her working with Audrey to turn people in the house against Jeff. It has worked pretty well, with Austin Matelson (the wrestler) taking the bait and working to convince other people in the house that Jeff needs to go. It appears to be working, meaning it will be very easy for Vanessa to use him as a replacement nominee.

Unless something changes in a big way, it looks like the two houseguests facing the next BB17 eviction will be Jeff Weldon and James Huling (the first HOH of the season). As some previous Big Brother 17 spoilers have indicated, James hasn’t been playing a very good game since he won that first Head of Household competition. He has been seen as a lazy person in the house that is now just floating along. It’s possible that he didn’t figure out the urgency of being involved in everything after getting the power so early in the season.

The next Big Brother episode will take place Sunday night on CBS at 8 p.m. PT/ET. This is where the show will reveal the Week 3 nominations and the Battle of the Block competition. It could also be where producers start to show what the twist is that Rob Gronkowski has placed in the house for the week. From the live feeds, it hasn’t been made entirely clear what is taking place with that, other than quite a few parties breaking out over the weekend. How exactly that will play itself into a twist is only being guessed at by fans so far.

Additional Big Brother 17 spoilers will come out if a twist is revealed in the house or the Week 3 Veto ceremony takes place. For now, expect HOH Vanessa Rousso to continue her campaign to turn people against Jeff Weldon and for James Huling to continue campaigning for BB17 house to save him.

[Image Source CBS Big Brother Press Kit]