Cameo: Behind Vimeo's iOS Video Editing Machine

Jose Florez

Let's take a look at Vimeo's latest iOS video editing machine known as Cameo.

Vimeo, one of the largest video-sharing platforms today, has recently released a massive update to its new video editing app. Vimeo has entirely rebuilt the app from the ground up.

The new update gives users the ability to import and edit HD videos. However, the new redesign removed Cameo's social networking features. Users also had the ability to follow other filmmakers' content and posts via an Instagram-style feed, as B2C reported.

Previously, users were only limited to 2-minute clips. An unlimited number of clips can be added to the platform via your iPhone. Vimeo is also stepping it up, giving users the ability to edit clips of any duration, according to TechCrunch.

With just a few taps, users are able to import their videos onto the platform and trim each clip. Content that you edit can be fitted together with just a few swipes. Users are also able to add music, soundtrack, titles, or text with just a few thumb movements.

During a recent interview, Andy Thomson, Cameo co-founder, gave the following statement.

"It's not unrealistic to make an hour-long movie on your phone"

When you're done editing your short clips, you can easily share them to all your friends via social media and quickly upload them on Vimeo.

In fact, video editing apps are getting so much better that some are coming close to professional desktop video editing software like Adobe Premiere and ShowBox.

Other popular video editing apps that are in direct competition with Cameo includes Magisto, Clips, iMovie, Vizzywig, Fused, and Splice -- a newly acquired video editing app that, not too long ago, received praise from Fortune.

Last year, Vimeo acquired the video editing app and has now added its own twists to it. Cameo is free; however, it is only available for iOS. Sorry Android users.

[Photo via Cameo/Vimeo]