Bear Found Dead In Front Yard: Colorado Residents Upset After Bear Found Shot To Death In Yard

A bear was found dead in a couple’s front yard, and now the Colorado residents are upset.

The residents at the Cheyenne Mountain Estates told 11 News that they were horrified after they discovered that someone had shot a bear to death in the middle of their neighborhood. Apparently, the 400-pound bear frequented the neighborhood quite often, and never bothered a soul. He had actually became a regular part of the community’s lives.

The bear was found dead in a couple’s front yard early Friday morning. After discovering the wild animal, they immediately notified the police.

“I looked outside and it was laying right out there, 10 feet from the road,” said Alice Tinder.

“We see him here all the time,” Tinder added. “They don’t really hurt anybody.”

Nick Bonck, a neighbor who lives across the street from where the bear was found, said he had seen the animal hundreds of times.

“It’s really disappointing because he was such a part of our lives up here,” said Bonck. “That’s the reason you live up here on the mountain… to live around the animals. For somebody to take a shot at him like that, it’s disheartening that somebody would do that.”

“That’s terrible,” added Tinder. “I think that’s terrible.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife are now actively searching for the person who shot the bear. If found, the person could face poaching charges, and a $20,000 fine, WSET-TV reports.

Anyone with any information leading to the suspect of the shooting are being asked to contact the Operation Game Thief for CPW at 1-877-265-6648. You can also email with any valid information.

While this story had a tragic ending, another story reported by the Inquisitr showed compassion towards the wild animals.

On Thursday, rafting guides noticed a young bear cub on the banks of the Nolichucky River near Erwin, Tennessee. The cub was malnourished and in distress. Although it took several days for the guides to gain the cub’s trust, they were eventually able to coax her into the raft and later took her to seek medical treatment.

The cub, named Noli after the river where she was found, was turned over to the Appalachian Bear Rescue, a black bear rehabilitation facility to help cubs transition back into the wild. According to the agency, the cub is doing well and will hopefully join the other cubs at the organization soon.

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