Madeline Stuart Lands Two Big Modeling Contracts In The United States: Poised For Many More

Madeline Stuart could not have imagined her life was to change so quickly.


Just days after the Australian teenager with Down syndrome had a doll made in her honor, she is back in news after having landed two lucrative modeling offers from American body-positive fitness clothing brand Manifesta and lifestyle label everMaya.

Madeline “Maddy” Stuart took the world by storm in May, 2015, when her incredible story on Facebook attracted worldwide attention and subsequent professional offers from clothing brands across the globe. Having lost over 44lb in a period of 18 months, Maddy is now considered a role model by many who, despite gigantic odds stacked against her, inspired a generation full of people to appreciate their inner beauty and to realize their full potential.

In a recent interview with Love ’em, Madeline Stuart spoke about what motivates her to pursue her dreams.

“I hope that I can… change the world’s views on beauty and help everyone to feel beautiful in themselves and [to feel] included.”

And it now appears that she has been granted her wish. Manifesta is the first of many brands that Madeline will be modeling for in the near future. On their official website, Manifesta wrote of their partnership with Madeline Stuart.

“Just as Madeline is committed to expanding people’s ideas of what a model can be, Manifesta is determined to show that the clothing and fashion industry doesn’t have to be exclusionary, that one brand can work for women of various sizes.”

Within a week of securing Manifesta’s contract, Madeline Stuart was approached by another clothing brand, everMaya, to feature on August 15 at the New York NOW trade show. According to Australia Network News, everMaya president Damian Greybelle expressed his joy at the opportunity to work with Madeline.

“We are absolutely thrilled to work with a talent like Madeline on our newest national ad campaign. All of us at everMaya feel very strongly about creating a brand that is rooted in a spirit of inclusion and providing opportunities for those who begin life with barriers to success. Our collaboration with Madeline reinforces the work we are doing with disadvantaged youth to overcome challenges and pursue their goals.”

An excited Madeline also confirmed via direct contact that she and her mother, Rosanne, will head to the United States before the end of this month.

“We leave for LA and New York on the 22nd of July.”

Meanwhile, to better update her fans and professional partners about her pursuits, Madeline Stuart has finally launched her own website.

Madeline Stuart has always dreamt of a decorated modeling career. With so many offers on her plate, Madeline’s dream is finally beginning to turn into reality.

[Photo: Madeline Stuart / Facebook]