Florida 911 Dispatcher Tells Kidnapped Woman Who Fears Rape That Cops Can't Help Her

Patrick Frye

In Florida, a 911 call took an odd twist when the 911 dispatcher told a woman that DeLand police officers could not come to help her, even though she had just been carjacked and almost raped. Instead, the 911 operator said the woman would have to walk into the dark on her own until she reached the city limits, where the police had jurisdiction.

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The woman says she was carjacked while on her way to a nearby store. The kidnapper, Anton Gardner, jumped into her car and had her drive around town. At one point, Gardner allegedly robbed her of money and phone and then demanded she perform a sexual act, but she refused.

"He got really angry and started hitting me in the face, smashing me around by my hair, and afterwards, he went ballistic and kind of got quiet. (He) was mumbling to himself, got real fidgety and acted weird," the victim said.

The victim says Gardner started becoming angry since she tried to stay on the main roads.

"The longer I was gone, the more I thought my chance of surviving it were going down," the victim told WFTV. "I wasn't going to seal my own fate and drive down a dark road in the middle of nowhere."

Unfortunately, when the victim managed to escape the vehicle and get to a phone, the 911 operator told she needed to walk down a dark road by herself in order for the DeLand cops to come help.

"We can't have a DeLand PD officer leave the jurisdiction to meet with you to take a report," the 911 dispatcher said during the 911 call.

This statement left the victim flabbergasted.

"You're telling me, I have to walk down the street after I just got carjacked and almost sexually assaulted that you want me to go back outside in the dark and walk?" she said.

DeLand police officers did eventually come to the rescue, but only after the victim argued with the 911 dispatcher for 15 minutes. The woman led the police officers back to the area where her vehicle was located. The police arrested Anton Gardner and booked him into Volusia County Jail.

Volusia County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Gary Davidson said the actions of the 911 dispatcher are being investigated.

"We come to the victim, we don't tell the victim to come to us, so that shouldn't have happened," Davidson said. "I'm glad that she (the victim) brought it to our attention so we'd have the opportunity to review it and address it and correct it."

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