Nicky Hilton Brushes Off Wardrobe Malfunction, Paris Reveals Insider Glimpse At The Big Day! [Video]

Despite Nicky Hilton’s now notorious wardrobe malfunction on her big day, the designer seems to have brushed the unfortunate incident off, and is headed on her honeymoon. Hilton tweeted her goodbyes to London, where she was married in Kensington Palace.

Not an unfit venue for Nicky’s wedding, especially after sister Paris Hilton told the New York Times, “They are so loyal, and they’re so in love. They’re the ultimate couple. They’re like a prince and princess.” Brides magazine reports that Nicky Hilton was married in the same room where Prince William and Kate Middleton were married, and comparisons between Kate’s dress and Nicky’s Valentino dream have been floating around the internet.

According to the New York Times, Nicky Hilton told the London Daily Mail in a rare interview that her husband is “the love of my life.”

Nicky Hilton’s big day was slightly tarnished by reports that she had a wardrobe malfunction. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the delicate lace veil Nicky wore accidentally got stuck under the wheel of her Bentley — causing a little excitement as Hilton’s friends and family rushed to assist the blushing bride with her wardrobe malfunction. According to Brides, Nicky’s father, Rick Hilton, was able to untangle the veil. There was no damage to the beautiful veil.

The dress Nicky wore was reportedly by Valentino — Hilton apparently picked out the designer for her wedding dress years ago, Hilton told Harper’s Bazaar.

“Ever since I was a little girl I wanted Valentino to design my wedding dress. Valentino is the definition of timeless elegance, I don’t think there’s another couture house like it. I went through every look from their collections over the last 10 years. I studied the archives, and I just sent notes about details I liked—a certain sleeve, a high neckline.”

Hilton had another unfortunate wardrobe malfunction later in the evening when she accidentally revealed her underwear when hoisting the lengthy skirt of the lovely dress. Nicky Hilton obviously preferred to ignore the wardrobe malfunction, and instead tweeted about other aspects of her trip to London.

Sister Paris Hilton gave the world a glimpse into Nicky’s wedding, which was certainly fit for a princess. Hilton posted intimate photos of the day on Instagram, including photos of Nicky gazing out a window in Kensington palace before her wedding, as well as the bride and her gal pals spending some time before the big trip down the aisle.

Nicky Hilton and her group all had custom embroidered bathrobes to wear before donning their designer bridal dresses for the day. Paris couldn’t help, of course, to post a few selfies, giving fans a look at the bridesmaid dresses. Luckily, it seems none of the bridesmaids had a wardrobe malfunction.

[Image from Instagram]