Online Social Networks Now Playground for Hackers

Computer security researchers warned that social networking websites are playgrounds for hackers, AFP reports. The report added that hackers are taking advantage of people’s trust, especially with the open platform that social networks employ, a trend started by Facbook. With an open operating platform, outside developers can create their applications and feed it to the entire network. Hackers can obviously play around with this openness.

“I can’t necessarily attack Facebook or MySpace, but I can attack their users all day long,” Computer security specialist Shawn Moyer told AFP. The specialist added that not having a social networking page does not mean that you will not be vulnerable to trouble.

So, what then do we do now? I believe that the web, not just social networks, is a playground for hackers, prying on people with their malicious codes. That’s a given and we have to live it with, unless we stop using the web (but then you have to live with real-life malicious intentions).

To avoid it, I do not make the web as my life nor do I fill my online social network account with crappy applications or widgets. Poking is enough for me.

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