Carrie Underwood Rescues Baby By Breaking Car Window

Carrie Underwood had to break the window of her own car to save her baby boy and her beloved pet pooches.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Carrie Underwood’s five-month-old son, Isaiah Michael Fisher, recently found himself trapped inside Carrie’s car with the country singer’s dogs. Thankfully, Carrie didn’t abandon her baby and her fur babies in the hot vehicle on purpose — she simply got locked out after one of her mischievous mutts managed to lock the car doors. Carrie turned a situation that could have ended in tragedy into an amusing anecdote by breaking her own car window. reports that an average of 38 kids die in hot cars each year, and the American Veterinary Medical Association reports that hundreds of pets perish every year because irresponsible owners think it’s okay to leave them in the hot sun for a few minutes. Temperatures can escalate quickly inside vehicles, so Carrie Underwood definitely did the right thing by acting fast to get her kid and her canine out of her car. If it was 85 degrees outside, the temperature inside Carrie’s car could have reached 104 degrees in just 10 minutes.

Interestingly, Carrie Underwood lives in Tennessee, a state that recently made it legal for good Samaritans to break into strangers’ cars to rescue suffering pets from the heat. It was already legal for Tennessee citizens to rescue children left in hot vehicles by busting windows.

According to PEOPLE, Carrie Underwood doesn’t just care about her own furry family members. In 2012, the animal lover rescued an injured puppy from the side of a highway between Tennessee and Oklahoma. She took the bloody, limping lab to her own emergency vet, and she even helped the lucky pooch find a happy new home with a neighbor down the street. Obviously, Carrie isn’t the type of person who would let a dog suffer in a hot car.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Carrie Underwood loves her pet pooches so much that she used them to make her big pregnancy announcement. The “Something in the Water” singer posted a photo of her pups, Ace and Penny, wearing shirts that read, “I’m going to be a big brother” and “I’m going to be a big sister.” In February, Carrie’s dogs helped her and husband Mike Fisher welcome their first child.

Of course Carrie loves little Isaiah just as much as she loves his slobbery brother and sister. During a recent interview with USA Today, she revealed that she couldn’t resist writing a song about her adorable son.

“I kind of tried to stay away from it,” Underwood said while chatting about working on her upcoming album. “I didn’t want to force anything or have anything be cheesy or weird, like ‘Oh, she had a baby, so she’s singing about her baby.’ It just kind of happened one day.”

If Carrie creates a music video to go with her tune about Isaiah, perhaps she’ll put her “Before he Cheats” baseball bat to work again. However, this time she’ll be using her Louisville slugger to save her son instead of using it to take out a two-timer’s headlights.

[Image credit: Carrie Underwood/Instagram]