Harry Styles Urges 1D Fans To Boycott SeaWorld

It has been an eventful week for One Direction star Harry Styles. Never far from the gossip columns, Harry has been making the news for a wide variety of reasons. Earlier this week, Harry and his One Direction pals called on Directioners to help to make a difference in the world when they launched Action 1D. Styles urged One Directions millions of fans to come together to put pressure on world leaders to do something positive when they hold two major summits later this year.

Launching the campaign Styles said “2015 is a year like no other, and we’re looking to you to really make it count. You guys are truly amazing and over the years, you’ve shown us what you can really achieve if you rally together. At two historic summits in September and December, world leaders will make decisions that affect important human issues like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.”

As reported in Inquisitr Harry’s pleas have been well received and One Direction have won support in high places when presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton added her support to the campaign. Clinton took to twitter to lend her support to Harry and his pals saying that “the boys are right. We need everyone’s help to get the planet moving in the right direction.”


Styles and his band mates Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan are back in the U.S. for the latest leg of their “On The Road Again” tour. The U.S. leg kicked off Thursday in San Diego. The concert is likely to live in Harry’s memory for longer than most of the bands shows. According to the Daily Mail Harry managed to emulate Foo Fighters Dave Grohl by falling from the stage. Thankfully for Styles and his fans Harry wasn’t injured and was able to continue the show.

According to the Independent Harry chose the San Diego show to urge One Directions fans to boycott SeaWorld, one of San Diego’s most important tourist attractions. Harry asked fans if they liked Dolphins and then said “don’t go to SeaWorld.” Video of Harry’s comments was soon posted online and attracted support from animal welfare organizations.


As a result of Harry’s comments SeaWorld have reacted by writing an open letter to him. According to the Mirror SeaWorld sent Harry a message inviting him to visit the park to see for himself how animals are cared for.


The full text of SeaWorld’s open letter to Harry Styles can be read on the SeaWorld Cares website. It is not known whether Harry will accept SeaWorld’s invitation.

[Image Composite Via Wikimedia]