Google Sheets, Docs, And Slides Receive New Editing Features

Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides apps are receiving a number of useful updates that will make editing documents of all kinds much easier for the owners of mobile devices. Most notably, the developers make it easier to edit document titles from the overflow menu, which makes the process of renaming and organizing documents in Google Sheets much swifter and handier – a feature many users missed.

Google Slides received an option of changing the layout of any presentation slides to one of the predefined layouts – thus, updating existing presentations becomes much smoother and quicker.

Finally, there were some changes to Office Compatibility Mode of Google Docs. Firstly, users can now reply to comments while working in this mode. Secondly, comments and suggestions from now on will be appearing in the Comments panel in chronological order. Before, all comments appeared first with suggestions following them.

These changes may not seem big, but these are small things users have to deal with daily – and they add up. Google, meanwhile, is as attentive to details as always, according to TechTimes.

"As always, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are free and are synced automatically to the user's Google Drive. Each update is expected to roll out and arrive soon on Google Play for Android users. There's no word yet if the same features of the update are also coming to iOS."

Google continues to show unprecedented amount of attention to clients' needs and convenience of their products, turning Google Drive into a universal tool capable of performing a wide range of tasks with minimal fuss, from making custom maps and sharing documents to such unexpected things as catching thieves, as reported by the Inquisitr.

"When a pizza guy reported his car, cash, and phone stolen, he also mentioned one other detail. His Google Drive account connected to the said phone was set to automatically upload any pictures taken with the phone to the drive. The thieves switched off the GPS but didn't turn off the drive feature, giving the police a few nice photos of the thieves."

All in all, this new update means that Google is still on top of things and doesn't shy away from making small improvements right now while working on long-term updates that will bring new features and options to Google Sheets and other products, making sure people stay loyal to them in the meantime.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]