Rescued Hiking Sisters Say They Survived Being Lost In Wyoming Forest By Singing, Faith, And Rainbows

Three sisters were successfully rescued after getting lost in the Bridger-Teton National Forest near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The three sisters say they had all the tools they needed to survive but were lacking on food. With the rescue situation unknown, the sisters say that they relied on their faith, signs from God, and singing to get them through.

ABC News reports that the sisters, who are from Wisconsin and Ohio but had traveled to Wyoming for a camping trip in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, went out for a hike but ended up getting lost. The three sisters, 25-year-old Megan, 22-year-old Erin, and 16-year-old Kelsi, say that they relied on their faith to get them through the hard times. Erin notes that their faith kept them sane throughout the ordeal.

"Just trusting in God and knowing that he was going to carry us through; really that's the only thing that can keep you sane in the wilderness for six days, not knowing what's going on."

According to KTUL, the sisters would look for "little signs" that God was watching out for them.

"[L]ittle signs... like a rainbow to show you that, you know, God's really taking care of you."

Fortunately, despite not having enough food, the sisters did have everything else they needed to survive. The sisters had left for the hike with warm gear, a water filter, and whistles. It was also noted that once they became lost, the sisters knew they needed to stay put. Therefore, instead of getting potentially further away from rescue, the sisters remained in place and waited for help to arrive.

The girls' father, Eric Andrews-Sharer, says he knew the girls had enough water as the hike was near a water source. He also accounts their love of singing and high noise level for keeping dangerous wildlife away. Eric says his daughters "make a lot of noise together" and that they are frequently heard singing together. For example, Eric notes that sisters were singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" during this trip to celebrate the Fourth of July.

What do you think of the girls survival techniques and ability to stay calm after getting lost in the Wyoming forest?

[Image Credit: ABC News Screenshot]