WWE News: ‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Confirms At Comic-Con That He Will Be Working With WWE Soon

Stephen Amell might save people in Starling City as The Arrow during his day job, but outside of that he is merely an actor. Meanwhile, there are some who do not realize reality versus fiction. Take WWE Superstar Stardust, for example. Cody Rhodes went off the deep end one day, and Stardust was the result. Now he lives in a fantasy world full of craziness. He believes Amell is The Arrow and does not want to hear anything about him being an actor.

Thus, we have the interesting turn of events between the two.

It was rumored that the two would square off at WWE SummerSlam in August, however, neither side confirmed such a thing. Stephen Amell was nice enough to be part of an interview at Comic-Con in San Diego recently. There he was asked about whether or not he would wrestle Stardust in WWE. Amell claimed that he and WWE will be working together soon on “stuff,” but he does not know if he will be wrestling or not. Amell said that he does want to if WWE will let him.

This is pretty big news as it is the only real confirmation we have had regarding Stephen Amell and WWE. Amell is a huge WWE fan, and he did appear on WWE RAW in a small segment a little while back when WWE was in New York. He and Stardust got face to face for a brief moment, but nothing really resulted from it outside of some tweets.

WWE SummerSlam happens to be in the perfect place, Brooklyn. Amell is currently working on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 movie in New York. He will be starring as Casey Jones in the film, which has excited many fans. However, it is not much of a stretch from his current role of playing a vigilante. Amell should be wrapping up his role in the movie near the end of August.

Amell Stardust

Arrow returns to The CW Network this fall. In between his work with Arrow and TNMT, there is an opening for WWE which is why he is most likely why he is willing to work with them.

There is an issue WWE did not foresee with Stephen Amell and Stardust facing off: Dusty Rhodes. The father of Cody Rhodes (aka Stardust) passed away recently. Cody has yet to make it back to TV after the passing, but he is ready to go when WWE wants to bring him in. WWE wants him to return as a heel, which makes total sense. However, he won’t be able to do that right after his father’s death. Fans will want to cheer him due to his father, and it does not matter when he returns. The same result will occur.

It would be best to bring him back sooner, as fans could get the cheering out of their system before he has to work a heel role. With Stephen Amell, WWE would want Stardust to be the heel. This is obvious.

That said, WWE has a lot to think about with Amell and Rhodes. WWE could always have Amell just appear to do something fun. However, people do want him to get in the ring. The only opponent that makes sense for him is Stardust. WWE needs to bring him back sooner rather than right before the time they’d want he and Stephen Amell to work together. Of course, it is unknown what the exact plans are with Amell and WWE other than the fact that they will be working together in some way soon. At least they are confirmed for that much.

[IMG Credits: InsidePulse.com, Twitter-Stephen Amell]