Rapper Drake The Latest to Mock Kanye West

Canadian rapper Drake has become the latest to mock Kanye West. Drake launched a video for his song “Energy” yesterday on Apple music and in it, he parodies a host of celebrities, including the hapless Kanye West. The Daily Mail reports that in his video, Drake uses a combination of clever camera work, Photoshop, and CGI to superimpose his face onto likenesses of the likes of West and Justin Bieber.

In the video, Drake pokes fun at Kanye’s infamous video of West’s “Bound 2” music video. That video featured Kanye and his topless wife, Kim Kardashian, getting jiggy with it on a motorcycle. Drake recreates the scene in his video, and his parody of Kanye and others makes this video Drake’s “coolest and strangest yet,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Kanye has come in for his fair share of mockery in recent weeks, not least from former Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young star David Crosby. As reported by the Inquisitr, Crosby is clearly not a fan of Kanye. Crosby took to Twitter to say that West “can’t write, sing or play at all.” Crosby continues by saying that Kanye “is an egomaniac, he is as dumb as a post, he creates nothing and helps no-one.”


The Daily Mail reported that West has paid a visit to London amidst the torrent of abuse he has received over a photo-shoot of his wife earlier this week. West, an aspiring fashion designer, styled Kardashian for a shoot that saw her posing in “a nude bodysuit with an unflattering gold bra and sheer suspenders with heeled boots” atop a pile of dirt.

West was en route from Paris to Ottawa, where he appeared at the Ottawa Bluesfest last night. As always, West’s appearance was not without controversy. According to the Ottawa Citizen, West turned up over 20 minutes late for his performance. During his set, West launched into a tirade against artists who he accuses of trading their artistic integrity for cash.

During his performance at the recent Glastonbury festival, West told the audience that he is “the world’s greatest living rock star.”

On this occasion, West told the audience, “I’m an artist, I won’t be compromised. There’s only one Kanye West.”

As the Daily Mail reports, West “has in the past been heavily criticized as delusional and confesses to having an inflated ego when it comes to his own creativity.” There seems to be no middle ground when it comes to Kanye West, people love him or loathe him, but few can ignore him.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]