The Shoe: Which Nail Polish Matches The Shoe Is Freaking Out More People Than The Color Of The Dress

Remember the freakish online occurrence that had people lose their minds over what color “The Dress” actually was? Well, there is a new one and it is figuratively tearing Twitter in half as people try to determine which color nail polish matches “The Shoe.”

Here is the problem.


— a (@totallymendes) July 8, 2015

People are now tweeting madly over #TheShoe just like they were tweeting about #TheDress a few months ago. As Pop Sugar reported, there was even #TheHair for a short while, but this one is freaking people out even more.

A tweet was sent out on Wednesday that simply asked “Which color [of nail polish] matches the shoes the best.”

There are two colors of nail polish and they are being held next to a high-heeled shoe. At first glance, many have said that the nail polish on the right matches the shoe the best. As time has gone on though, others think that the left nail polish matches it better.

Maybe a nail polish company is trying to get something to go viral or maybe it’s just a question by someone who wants help with matching properly. As of this writing, the original tweet has over 7,700 retweets and has been favorited close to 9,000 times.

Jason Silva, the host of Brain Games on National Geographic, tried to explain why people are so interested in this type of controversy. Back when “The Dress” was all the rage, Silva had an explanation to the whole thing.

“The largest takeaway is that color exists in your brain. It’s not an objective feature of reality.

“We don’t see the world objectively as is, we see the world through the lens of our preconceptions, cultural operating systems … reality is coupled to perception, so change perception, you change reality.

“You never experience an objective reality,” he continued. “Your brain is shielded from the world by this box that is your skull; all it’s doing is receiving a signal and interpreting it, like a cable box does for a television. What you call the world is more like a TV screen in your mind.”

The Daily Mail reports that people on social media are getting in serious arguments over The Shoe and have unfriended, blocked, and even reported accounts that disagree with them. For now, people aren’t entirely sure what color The Shoe is and many still aren’t entirely certain what color The Dress is either.

Needless to say, but it’s kind of insane.

[Image via Coveroid]