Gwen Stefani Reacts To Blake Shelton Saying She 'Looked Like Crap' When They First Met

Gwen Stefani walked away with the Fashion Icon Award at the 2019 People's Choice Awards. However, Blake Shelton made some comments about her style that weren't exactly flattering during an Access Hollywood interview, which is available on YouTube. On Thursday, Gwen took to her Instagram stories to share her reaction to Blake's harsh words, and it's evident that she knew that her cowboy beau was just joking.

The interview took place after the CMA Awards on Wednesday night, when Blake Shelton took home the Single of the Year award for his song "God's Country." Blake briefly spoke about how it felt to win, saying that he felt "numb." However, he soon changed the topic of conversation to Gwen Stefani. Near the end of his interview, Gwen's Fashion Icon Award was mentioned.

"I taught her well," Blake said. "I've taught Gwen well, you know. When I first met her, I mean, she looked — she dressed like crap. I mean, she just looked like crap."

Blake went on to claim that he became a fashion consultant of sorts for his girlfriend, whose style has been celebrated for decades. According to Blake, he's been advising Gwen on small changes that she should make to improve her wardrobe.

"I was like, 'Hey, what if you, you know, do a little of that or a little of this,'" Blake deadpanned.

The interview was later brought to Gwen Stefani's attention, and she shared it on her Instagram stories. She reacted to Blake's remarks with two emoji, the first of which was an angry face. However, she also added a crying laughing emoji to let her fans know that she found her boyfriend's tongue-in-cheek comments hilarious.

While Blake was obviously kidding, Gwen recently admitted that the country singer actually has influenced her style. Shortly before she accepted her Fashion Icon Award, she told Access Hollywood that her boyfriend has had an effect on what she wears, to a certain extent. However, she took issue with people claiming that Blake deserves credit for the camouflage and plaid in her wardrobe, pointing out that she was wearing those prints years before the country singer became a part of her life. She also said that she's had no influence on Blake's style.

Gwen Stefani does wear fringe and cowboy boots during her "Just a Girl" show in Las Vegas, but she left the country-inspired clothing at home when she accompanied Blake Shelton to the CMA Awards. Instead, she rocked a black-and-white mini dress, fishnet stockings, and thigh-high boots. Blake seemed thrilled to have the style star on his arm at the CMAs, gushing about how great it was to "get her out of L.A." to attend an event from his musical world.