Russia: Straight Flag Created By Government To Counter Gay Pride, Represents ‘A Real Family’

As the United States celebrates the legalization of gay marriage, Vladimir Putin and Russia have responded by creating a heterosexual, or straight, flag that is meant to represent “real families.”

The blue flag, which also appears on other variations, pictures the silhouette of a traditional family with a mother, father, and three kids. Below the family is the hashtag, translated to English, #ARealFamily. The straight flag was revealed during Family and Fidelity day in Russia, their equivalent to Valentine’s day, according to Metro U.K. The design is meant to celebrate and represent the traditional family.

Russia’s deputy head of the United Russia branch in Moscow, Andrei Lisovenko, spoke to a local newspaper and shared the reason behind the new straight flag.

‘This is our response to same-sex marriage, to this mockery of the concept of the family. We have to warn against gay-fever at home and support traditional values in our country.’

Newsweek shared that the straight flag will come in three colors. The blue and red flags will depict a white family on the flag and a white flag will depict the family in red. Each flag is meant to represent the colors on the traditional Russian flag.

The official unveiling will take place in Moscow, with an expected 1,000 traditional families in attendance.

Homosexuality is not illegal in Russia, but it is looked down upon and the promotion of “nontraditional” sexual relationships has been forbidden since June of 2013. A recent survey conducted by the Levada Center found that nearly 37 percent of Russians believe homosexuality is a disease, yet they are not aware of a cure.

A parody Twitter account that mocks Russian news notices a similarity between the straight flag and the flag of France’s La Manif Pour Tous, which campaigns against same-sex marriages. The difference is minor, with the Russian Straight flag adding one child to the design.

Lisovenko defended Russian’s version of the flag on Russian radio, stating that they had permission from the French designers to use a similar design. He also explained the reasoning behind the additional child.

“It is a Russian tradition to have many children in a family.”

Russia’s stance against gay marriage has been longstanding and unwavering toward acceptance. The flag is another layer in their disregard for equality among all people. It is unknown if the straight flag will find itself flying alongside the official Russian flag at the Kremlin.

[Photo Courtesy: The Moscow Times]