NASA Apollo 11 Photo: Alien Cities, Bases, And Motherships On Far Side Of Moon [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

YouTube anomaly hunter StreetCap1 recently reported sighting a massive white structure on the far side of the Moon in an old NASA photo from Apollo 11.

The original NASA photo, which may be viewed here, is also shown below.

A close-up of the NASA photo reveals details of the alleged structure. A skeptic might interpret the image as an incidental blotch in the photo, but according to Scott Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, what the Apollo 11 photo shows is a white pyramidal tower with a solid "black sphere on its top."

Waring argues that the structure is too well-defined and obvious to be dismissed as a natural formation on the lunar surface or a flaw in the photo.

"This white structure above was found recently on the moon in an old Apollo 11 photo. Streetcap1 of Youtube found it and I have to admit it is pretty damn good. The white tower also has a black sphere in its top. It looks like a hole, but it is a solid black sphere."

Waring then took a closer look at the photo, and being a prolific anomaly hunter in his own right, he made some astounding discoveries -- alien cities, alien bases, and parked triangular and hovering motherships.

Waring's analysis of the photo which uncovers a host of alien structures and technological artifacts might seem a bit of stretch to skeptical eyes, but for alien/ UFO enthusiasts and anomaly hunters who examine the evidence that Waring presents with believing eyes, the apparently barren lunar landscape in the old NASA photo comes to bubbling life with alien cities, structures, and spaceships.

The seeming evidence of a pyramidal structure with a black spherical object on its top is the most obvious of the alleged anomalies in the NASA Apollo 11 photo. But according to Waring, the close-up below shows what he claims is a square-shaped alien building.

"The structure is at the bottom center of the photo, but must be enlarged 3X to view it better. The screenshot below shows you a close up of the building I'm talking about."

The alien building, according to Waring, is reminiscent of a sensational March 2012 discovery, when a NASA employee with the Ames Research Cente -- alleged to be Anthony Colapret -- left top secret NASA photos of lunar alien bases on his desk and a reporter photographed them (see allegedly incriminating photos below).

Although, the photo on the NASA employee's desk surfaced in 2012, Waring and other anomaly hunters say it was taken in 2009.

The discovery caused a sensation, with alien and UFO hunters claiming that the building was located in the Cabeus crater and that NASA nuclear bombed the crater in 2009 to destroy the building.

According to Waring, Colapret and another young NASA scientist with the Ames Research Center, Karen Gundy-Burlet, were studying the photos ahead of the alleged nuclear strike.

"Now that's a huge cat left out of NASA's bag. [This is] the smoking gun evidence that NASA knows about the presence of extraterrestrial bases on the Moon and ultimately bombed one [of] these structures during the LRO/LCROSS mission in 2009, allegedly carried out to seek water in the crater."

Some readers might have guessed that the allegation of Moon nuclear bombing was in reference to the 2009 LCROSS mission in which NASA sent two spacecrafts crashing into the surface of the Moon as part of a project to confirm the presence or absence of water in the Cabeus crater at the Moon's South Pole.

But some anomaly hunters, including Waring, claimed that the event really was a nuclear strike on the lunar surface to destroy alien structures that posed an undisclosed security threat.

"Yes NASA did drop a small nuclear bomb on the moon in 2009. Also the NASA Ames Research Center does get intel on such [alien] structures because one [such building] is being used by the USMC as an America base right now! Hacker Gary McKinnon confirmed this when he got into USAF and NASA computers. This building is now currently being inhabited by U.S. military personnel..."

The latest photographic evidence of alien presence on the Moon not only shows a white pyramidal structure with a black sphere on top, it also reveals an entire city, according to Waring (see photos below).

Another section of the photo reveals a triangular mothership (see below) parked near the city. Yet another section of the photo shows a hovering mothership.

Going by Waring's analysis, the far side of the Moon is bustling with alien activity. NASA is incredibly aware of an alien metropolis on the far side of the Moon, but even more incredibly the government has kept this information secret.

Presumably, the Russians are also aware of the presence of alien cities on the far side of the Moon, and are colluding with the U.S. government to keep the information from the rest of us.

Alien/UFO conspiracy theory doesn't get any better than this.

[Images: YouTube/StreeCap1 via UFO Sightings Daily; NASA]