‘The Flash’ Season 2: Will ‘Smallville’ Star Tom Welling Make An Appearance As Superman? Plus Showrunner Teases Guest Stars

With the release of the second season of The Flash still a ways off, fans will be glad to hear that the new season will feature a cameo appearance by another famous superhero. According to the Latin Post, Superman will be making an appearance at some point during the season.

Tom Welling, who is known for his portrayal of Superman on the hit series Smallville, is expected to reprise his role as Superman in the new season of The Flash. While some may have expected Henry Cavill to appear as Superman, it appears as though the DC Cinematic Universe and the DC Television Universe are content with using different actors.

If Welling does manage to reprise his role in The Flash, it will create an opportunity for fans to see what Clark Kent has been doing since the end of Smallville. Additionally, a cameo appearance by Superman might also open the door for other superheroes to pay the show a visit.

Meanwhile, producer Andrew Kreisberg recently shared some news about what fans can expect to see in the second season of The Flash. With the Season 1 finale leaving so many questions unanswered, Kreisberg revealed that Tom Cavanagh would return to the show as Reverse-Flash.

“Tom Cavanagh will continue to be a regular on Flash is all I am prepared to say,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “On Flash, you’ve never seen the last of anybody, no matter what happens to them.”

Kresiberg went on to reveal that Matt Letscher (Eobard Thawne) would also be returning in Season 2 and discussed how his character’s storyline was something they came up halfway through planning the first season.

“The idea of Eobard Thawne having essentially stolen Harrison Wells’ body was an idea that we came up with midstream,” he explained. “What’s wonderful about it is now it allows us to have two tremendously talented actors both playing the same villain. When the Reverse Flash returns, the face that’s underneath the hood can be one of two faces now.”

The producer added that fans can expect to see an expanded storyline for both Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramone) and Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow).

“Yeah, now that people have seen the finale, there were some things we’re letting happen faster than people are expecting and there are other things we’re slow playing,” Kreisberg stated. “Especially with characters like Caitlin and Cisco, there is a certain level of expectation after we very specifically gave them the names we gave them and how that’s going to turn out.”

Season 2 of The Flash premieres October 6, 2015.

[Image Courtesy: The CW]