Are Kaitlyn Bristowe And Her New Fiancé Already Breaking Up? 'The Bachelorette' Is Struggling With 'The Aftermath' Of The Show

While The Bachelorette gets ready for its final episodes and Kaitlyn Bristowe chooses which man she wants to marry, things might already be spiraling downhill for Bristowe and her new fiancé.

"This is supposed to be the happiest time of their lives, but instead of planning a wedding, they're dealing with the aftermath of the show," an inside source recently told In Touch magazine.

Apparently, the issue between Bristowe and her new man stems from her actions during this season of the reality show. Along with her tendency to bend the rules a bit and make out with a number of the men of the show, Bristowe also slept with some of the contestants.

"He's really struggling with the fact that Kaitlyn was sleeping with the other guys and telling them she was falling for them," the insider stated. "He desperately wants to move forward and put The Bachelorette behind them, but watching the show makes it impossible. It's really tearing them apart."

The source went on to add that having to watch the episodes air is like living through the nightmare a second time for Bristowe's fiancé.

"It was hard enough to live through the show once, but now [Kaitlyn's future husband] is living it all over again. It's been a nightmare," the insider revealed. "He's finding out horrible secrets he never knew."

With her fiancé apparently having difficulties coping with the events that went down on the show, Kaitlyn Bristowe has continuously reminded him that she chose him over everyone else for a reason.

"Kaitlyn keeps reminding him that she chose him and the only thing that matters is the future," the insider stated.

Meanwhile, despite everything that happened between Bristowe and the other guys on the show, the source added the she is absolutely crazy about the man she selected.

"Yes, things went on between her and other guys in the house, but Kaitlyn's crazy about the guy she [chose] and truly couldn't be happier. She's praying he can see that before it's too late."

At the same time, Wet Paint is reporting that Bristowe doesn't believe she did anything wrong on the show or out of the ordinary.

"She really doesn't think anything she did is controversial or even all that unusual," a source revealed. "What she doesn't like is that in being 'the most controversial Bachelorette in history,' people are missing the good news: She's also one of the few who found true love."

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[Image Courtesy: Bravo]