New ‘Scream Queens’ Posters, Plus Are Keke Palmer and Lucien Laviscount Dating Off Screen?

As Scream Queens prepares for its upcoming release in the fall, new character posters have officially been released.

The posters, which are part of the “pretty evil” line, were released through Entertainment Weekly and feature a number of the characters expected to play in the first season of the show.

While the first set of character posters released by Fox showed each of the characters holding a butcher’s knife, the new ones feature the characters with bloody hands with the caption: “Couldn’t you just die?”

Scream Queens centers on the story of a sorority house that becomes involved with a series of grisly murders connected to a local serial killer. Although the story revolves around a group of young girls living together, creator Ryan Murphy recently explained how they won’t be waiting for anyone besides themselves to get out of their dire situation.

“It’s a cross between Heathers and Friday the 13th,” Murphy stated in an interview with E! Online. “These girls are kick-ass. They’re not waiting for a boy to come in and rescue them. They’re the ones doing the rescuing,” he added.

Although many have anticipated that the comedy/horror series would include plenty of bloody moments, especially considering it comes from the creators of American Horror Story, the posters appear to confirm these suspicions as the entire cast, including Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Nasim Pedrad, Oliver Hudson, Skyler Samuels, Keke Palmer, Billie Lourd and Diego Boneta all seem very comfortable with their hands dipped in blood.

Elsewhere, while filming for the new series is currently underway in New Orleans, two members of the cast have been making news. Lucien Laviscount recently took his fellow co-star Palmer out on a scary carriage ride through the historic city where the two visited some of the spookier parts of New Orleans.

Luckily for fans, the two posted videos of their adventure online so that fans could catch their reactions on the ghost tour. At one point, Laviscount wasn’t afraid to state his true feelings. “I’m just scared,” Laviscount said after Palmer asked him how he felt.

Although the pair visited a number of different sites, including haunted houses and famous bars, the video looks more like a date than anything else, with Laviscount relying on a confident Palmer to guide him through the scarier parts of town.

Scream Queens is set to premiere September 22 on Fox.

[Image Courtesy: FOX]

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