Keke Palmer And Emma Roberts Bring Even More Sass To ‘Scream Queens’ Teasers [Video]

As the premiere of Scream Queens draws ever closer and Ryan Murphy taunts us with more and more teasers for the upcoming horror comedy, at least one Scream Queens subplot seems to be making itself known, either inadvertently or purposely. It seems there may be a conflict between sassy sorority sisters Emma Roberts and Keke Palmer.

The first two Scream Queens trailers, cleverly released on the consecutive Friday the 13ths of February and March, featured a bubble gum chomping Emma Roberts, looking very much like a classic Britney Spears. In the second Scream Queens teaser, Roberts wore a pink sweatshirt, embroidered with the letters KNT. Surely, KNT must be the campus sorority on Scream Queens. What else could it stand for?

And that sass in Emma’s face is as troublesome as the demon in her big, pink bubble, as the Scream Queens trailer closes. Does it get any sassier than that?

One might think Ryan Murphy hit the top of the sass meter with that last Emma Roberts teaser, but Keke Palmer debuted in her own Scream Queens trailer. The new teaser features something very similar to Roberts’ teasers, devil in the bubble gum included, but with one added touch: Keke’s resting b*** face glancing back at the Scream Queens‘ sorority house.

Could there be some drama brewing between Jen (Emma Roberts) and Ms. Palmer’s character, who is, as of yet, unnamed? It certainly seems so.

Ryan Murphy hasn’t made any secrets about his intention for Scream Queens, making it known from the start that the show would be a mix of comedy and horror. He’s received enough flack from his American Horror Story fans for recent subplots and musical numbers to try and hide his intentions with another show, but fans are starting to wonder just how much comedy will be in this horror show, or vice versa. One article suggests that Scream Queens would be better suited to Nickelodeon than to primetime Fox. Scream Queens may end up being a draw for all of the wrong reasons, as fans tune in for drama queens instead of scream queens.

Who had more sass? Will Emma Roberts be the reigning Scream Queen, or will Keke Palmer snatch the title from the former American Horror Story actress?

For more on Murphy’s plans for Scream Queens and for a look at that first Emma Roberts Scream Queens teaser, follow this Inquisitr article.

Scream Queens is scheduled to air with Fox’s fall lineup, beginning in October.

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