Ariana Grande Feeling ‘Attacked’ Over Donut Video Scandal, Says People Are ‘Overreacting’

Ariana Grande may have released a formal apology regarding her inappropriate behavior in what is now being deemed “donutgate,” however, sources close to Grande reveal that Ariana feels people are “overreacting” and “attacking” her for the viral video.

Ariana Grande has found herself at the center of a major scandal after she was caught licking display doughnuts, making derogatory comments towards an employee, and claiming she “hates Americans” during her visit to Lake Elsinore, California’s Wolfee Donuts over the Fourth of July weekend.

Despite the fact that Grande released a lengthy statement in defense of her behavior, fans continue to bash Ariana for her immature remarks and attitude. Now, sources close to Grande reveal that Ariana feels the reaction to the donut-licking video is “overboard,” Hollywood Life confirms.

“Ariana regrets what she did, she knows it was stupid and not the kind of example she wants to set. But at this point, she feels like people are going way overboard.”

The source adds that the strong reactions to Ariana’s video are causing emotional distress for the “One Last Time” singer, adding that Grande is “upset” by the news.

“They’re acting like she committed a felony or something and she feels very attacked. She’s human, she has feelings, people are being really mean at this point, it’s upsetting.”

While Grande’s formal apology defended her anti-American comments, fans continue to blast Ariana for deciding to lick the donuts in the first place. In addition, Grande is being ridiculed for her “lame” apology following the scandal.

Rob Lowe bashed Grande for her “#lame” apology via Twitter, telling fans he “cannot wait for the new Arianna Grande/Dixie Chicks jam to drop!” before adding the shade-throwing hashtag “#IActuallyLoveAmerica.”

To make matters worse for Ariana, E! Online reports that police are launching an investigation in regards to the viral video. The Wolfee Donuts shop owner handed the video over to detectives and filed a report in hopes of pressing charges against Grande, however, police note that they do not believe Grande committed any crimes by tampering with the display donuts.

A department spokeswoman revealed to E! Online that health inspectors will be looking into whether or not the donut shop has a history of leaving food out on the counter, seeing as California health laws require restaurants to protect food from contact with the public.

Ariana has not made any further statements regarding the scandal since issuing a statement via her rep earlier this week.

What do you think of Ariana Grande’s comments about people reacting to her donut video?

[Image Credit: Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy]