Woman Allegedly Stabs Boyfriend In Fight Over Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A pregnant Arkansas woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend with a pair of scissors after the couple apparently argued about a grilled cheese sandwich.

The alleged victim told Jonesboro cops that his girlfriend got angry with him while he was trying to cook a grilled cheese sandwich as a midnight snack on July 7. He gave his story to the cops in the emergency room of a local hospital, where he received treatment for stab wounds.

According to a dispatch filed by Region 8 News, a police report provided a summary of the alleged physical altercation between the couple.

“He said she took ingredients and the pan from him and became violent, saying ‘b**** you ain’t eating anything tonight.’ The report stated [the suspect] got a knife and tried to stab him, but he was able to take the knife away. The victim said [the suspect] then grabbed a pair of scissors, but he was unable to stop her and she allegedly stabbed him. According to the report, the victim told officers [the suspect] said ‘b**** you gone to die tonight.’ He was eventually able to knock the scissors out of her hands.”

When separately interviewed by another police officer at the residence, the woman, who said she was pregnant, claimed she was acting in self-defense when the stabbing occurred, and her boyfriend prompted the fight by tossing food from the refrigerator onto the floor of their apartment. The officer noted the appearance of scratches on the woman’s arms and legs and some facial swelling.

Cops charged the woman with domestic battery and booked her into the county jail, where she released later that day.

“Doctors told police the scissors pierced the skin so deep the tips hit a bone on the victim’s waist,” Region 8 News added.

Separately, and for what it’s worth, as the Inquisitr previously reported in April, a study conducted by the dating site Skout suggested that grilled cheese sandwich fans are far more sexually active than those who aren’t admirers of the sticky snack.

Grilled cheese foodies apparently tend to take their sandwiches quite seriously. For example, in August 2013, a dispute over a grilled cheese sandwich reportedly prompted a bloody brawl at the Rikers Island prison in New York City. The riot, or meltdown as it were, involved about 50 or perhaps more inmates and went on for about an hour. Undermanned corrections officers couldn’t do much about it other than watch behind the glass. The prisoners threw chairs and used mop sticks as weapons against each other.

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