Ian Somerhalder Returns To 'Vampire Diaries' Set Before Comic Con, Teases Season 7

The Vampire Diaries cast is getting ready for season 7, and fans will learn a lot more about the season ahead when the cast takes over Hall H this weekend. However, the cast was back on set earlier this week, and the series will pick up production on season 7 after a weekend break for Comic Con, according to Covington News.

Ian Somerhalder teased his fans on social media by sharing a photo taken outside his dressing room on set on Tuesday.

Somerhalder did not stay on set for long though. By Thursday afternoon, the actor had ventured to the west coast, and he spoke about season 7 with Extra in Los Angeles. He teased about how his character would handle being without Elena Gilbert, who is played by Nina Dobrev, during season 7.Elena may be sleeping for the next sixty years, but she is not dead. This means she is not forgotten either. According to Just Jared, Ian Somerhalder teased just a bit about an Elena-less Damon.
"The way it was done was great. The way it was done was actually incredible, because it allows people to know that she's still there…she's not dead. In seventy years or however long Bonnie lives, Elena will resurface at some point, although we'll be very old when that happens. We're actually very excited about telling this story. Mystic Falls without Elena Gilbert is going to be very different. We want to go back to that Season 1 and Season 2 of storytelling… I think that the last scene in the last episode that you see is truly a depiction of what this next season's going to be."
Fans will definitely see Elena Gilbert on the series again, but it is likely that her reappearance will coincide with the series finale. The end game for the series appears to be Damon and Elena reuniting and living their lives together.

Previous spoilers shared by the Inquisitr teased that Damon and Stefan's mother will play a larger role in season 7. Enzo will need to figure out which side he is on during the season. Damon's mother is his sire, but Damon is his best friend. Which side will he land on as the Salvatore brothers fight against their mother and the new vampire witches she has resurrected?

Season 7 will also focus on Stefan and Caroline's relationship. At the end of The Vampire Diaries season 6, Stefan said he would wait as long as it took for Caroline. He might not have to wait for long though.

Candice Accola teased some spoilers about Stefan and Caroline in a recent interview, according to UnReality TV.

"Six seasons is a nice, long slow-burn, so I'm excited to see these characters together. Usually, it's so immediate, especially on our series, it's like so many push you up against the walls, like 'I'm going to take you now.' I think we all wish that relationships were like that! Maybe in 'Fifty Shades of Grey'… But in real life, it's the person you can be yourself in front of in the most dorky way. Both of these characters have seen the worst in each other and they still like each other and I think that's really cool and that's really special."
What do you think? Are you excited to the cast back to work and filming The Vampire Diaries season 7?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]