‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Spoilers: Potential Focus For Next Season Teased

Fans of The Vampire Diaries are preparing themselves for a very different show when Season 7 returns this fall. Elena Gilbert is sound asleep in the Salvatore family crypt, and a time jump was teased in the final moments of the Season 6 finale. It is not known how much time will have passed though. It is known that Mystic Falls and all of the remaining residents will change during this time.

Caroline Dries did tease a bit about The Vampire Diaries Season 7, and she revealed what sounds like the focus for the first half of the season. Lily Salvatore had her vampire family returned to her at the end of the Season 6, and she reunited Enzo with her family as well. She did turn him into a vampire over 100 years ago, and fans have been reminded on the series about the strength of the sire bond in the past.

Lily is Enzo’s sire, and that will draw him to her. Fans saw examples of that when he sought her out on more than one occasion during the final episodes of Season 6.

Lily, her vampire coven, and Enzo will play a major role on The Vampire Diaries Season 7. Julie Plec even admitted that the character was not handled well during Season 6. That will change in a big way next season. During next season, Enzo will find himself caught in the middle of a battle between Lily and her two sons, according to Caroline Dries.

“He’s eventually going to have to choose a side. In some ways, he feels drawn to Lily; she turned him and she’s the only real family he has. But he’s also friends with Damon, so it’s going to create an interesting dilemma, and whichever side he chooses will have serious ramifications.”

As for Damon, previous spoilers teased that fans may see Damon and Bonnie form some type of relationship during the upcoming season. Elena is gone, and she did tell Damon to be happy before she went to sleep for the next 60 years.

According to Christian Today, Julie Plec talked about the potential for a new Damon romance in a recent interview, and it does not sound like a romance for Damon is planned for next season.

“Damon’s still in love with her. It’s not like he’s going to start sleeping around or having girlfriends. He needs to grieve, and see who he is. Any girl we set him up with, or we tried to force him into a new relationship with, the fans would just hate it—hate her, for sure—so it would just never click. We’re very much aware of that, and we don’t want to see that either.”

Fans will see the return of a darker Damon next season. He will be without the love of his life. He is usually coming in to pull Stefan back from the dark side, and now Stefan may need to return the favor.

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