Is ‘Scandal’ Killing Off Scott Foley For Good In Season 5? Plus Cornelius Smith Jr Promoted To Series Regular

Catrina MaxwellGetty Images for SCAD

Drama behind the scenes of ABC’s Scandal might have an impact on one of the show’s main characters. Apparently, Kerry Washington isn’t too happy with her co-star and series boyfriend, Scott Foley, in a feud that has been going on for quite some time now.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the rift between the two stars is reaching a point where Washington wants Foley to be permanently removed from the show. In order to see this happen, Washington is using her close ties with Shonda Rhimes to have Foley’s character meet his ultimate end on the show.

To add some credence to the rumors, Foley’s character did suffer a number of stab wounds during the Season 4 finale of Scandal. Although Foley has stated that he is set to return as Jake Ballard in the upcoming season, he did drop a hint that the end of his character’s storyline might be forthcoming.

Additionally, an inside source revealed some of the reasons why the two stars just can’t seem to get along and how Foley’s opinions as an actor may have gotten under his co-stars’ skin.

“Kerry is a very take-charge gal, but Scott is a veteran actor with his own opinions, and many of them rubbed Kerry the wrong way,” the insider stated in an interview with Star magazine. “Scott knows that Kerry is tight with Shonda, so he sees the writing on the wall. He wouldn’t be surprised if he got killed off early this fall.”

While it is yet to be seen if Ballard is killed off in the coming season, many believe that Rhimes is already preparing for the characters’ eventual exit. After all, his character already told Olivia goodbye in Season 4 and pressed her to follow her heart and go with the man she really loves, President Fitzgerald. With his storyline appearing to reach an end, coupled with his ongoing disputes with Washington, there seems to be a very real possibility that Foley’s character will be killed off at some point in Season 5.

In other news, the show recently announced that it will be upgrading Cornelius Smith Jr. as a regular in Season 5. Variety is reporting that the actor, who played Marcus Walker in couple of episodes in Season 4, will see his role as an activist expand in the coming season.

Season 5 of Scandal is set to return to television September 24 on ABC.