Man Fights Cougar To Save His Miniature Dachshund Bailey, Punches Animal In The Face

Lindsay McCane

Man fights cougar?

Sounds crazy, right? Well, for one Vancouver man, that is exactly what happened when a cougar snatched up his miniature dachshund, Bailey. Shawn Hanson said he came toe-to-toe with a wild cougar after it captured his beloved pet.

"I see something out of the corner of my eye and a cougar jumped out about 10 to 15 away and just snatched the dog," Hanson recalled to ABC News. "It put her paw down and her mouth around her [Bailey's] neck and started dragging her.

"She [Bailey] was making really loud yelping noises like I'd never heard before."

"I just kept pushing the bushes so I could see and dropped down into a muddy, dry creek," he said. "I was able to spring out of the mud and was screaming at it the whole time."

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"I was able to cock back and punch the cougar in the face and it kind of went cross-eyed and just dropped the dog," he said, according to eCanadaNow. "My initial thought was that it would start swiping at me, but it sat there sort of dazed. I was just relieved at that point."

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"I was thinking of the safety of myself, the other people, and the children that were around. It is an unfortunate turn of events. They're beautiful animals, but it turned out to be a cat that was brazen."

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