Charles Manson May Be Innocent, According To Long Island Journalist

According to a new book, Charles Manson may not be guilty in regards to his participation in the Tate-LaBianca murders. New interviews and information in the book The Retrial of Charles Manson claims that his original trial may not have truly represented his participation in the murders, leading the jury to believe he was directly associated with the high profile killing.

Co-authors Daniel Simone and Heidi Ley spent a full 12 hours with Charles Manson discussing the incidents that led up to the Tate-LaBianca murders and his role in ordering the horrific executions. According to their findings, Manson was not only not-guilty of the murders, but was a victim of Vincent Bugliosi's ruthless vendetta against Manson. The New York Post reported that the book is waiting for a publisher before being released, and will leave the readers wondering why Manson is behind bars.

"The reader will walk away with doubts."
Simone and Ley first garnered attention when they unintentionally found out that Elaine Burton wanted to marry Charles Manson so she could have ownership of his body after death, according to the Huffington Post. They revealed Burton's plan to the authorities and were able to gain additional trust in Manson during their interviewing process.

Simone and Ley share that Manson has a long criminal past. However, of all his prior arrests, none were violent in nature.

"The reader will walk away with doubts. Of Manson's 37 prior arrests, none involved violence. And [almost] every single witness who testified against him was a convicted felon or facing trial."
The authors claim that Manson's only guilty act was insisting on defending himself during the trial. If he would have accepted the assistance of a lawyer, there might have been a pretrial motion to claim he was not directly tied to the murder, due to the lack of proof. The trial could have then focused on his followers that actually spilled blood that night. If that were the case, Manson may still be free today.

Upon finishing the book, Manson was allowed to read through and verify the claims inside. Upon finishing, he not only signed off on the content, but placed his fingerprint inside so nobody could claim his signature was forged.

"He not only signed off on it, he placed his thumbprints beneath his signature in case someone questions its authenticity. He's quite clever."
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