'America-Hating' Ariana Grande Now Accused Of Latino Cultural Appropriation

Ariana Grande got herself into a lot of heat recently due to a donut shop misadventure this past weekend. E! Online described the situation.

"Grande and Alvarez were joking around and daring one another to lick powdered jelly donuts on the counter. When they think no one is looking, both put their tongues on the desserts and giggle before their pals catch on."
E! Online continues by revealing that towards the end of the clip, Ariana Grande can be heard talking with expletives on how much she hates America.

In the video, both Grande and Alvarez were seen kissing. For some, the fact that a white woman (Grande is Italian, not a Latina, as people often thought) and a Latino man can be so comfortable kissing can be seen as a further example on how racial identities continue to blur in America. For others, however, it is a further example of "cultural appropriation."

"As a lesbian Latina, I am offended that Grande first uses gay people to sell records and now she has gone from a Black boyfriend to a Latino one. We Latinas can see right through Grande's posturing," says one commenter after E! Online's article.

Over at Billboard, there were many similar comments.

"This woman is sick. She has gone from cultural appropriating the black community to the gay community and now on to the Latino community. Can't she just be satisfied with her white privilege and leave the world alone?" asks commenter migliore29.

"I see where you are going. She could care less about the gay community. Notice she switches from Black to Gay to Latino as if these minorities are like checkers. It's quite disturbing and I wish other people could see what she is doing," wrote Proud Gay Millennial.

Some Twitter users were angry with Ariana, as well.

"So, @ArianaGrande thinks she is cool by dating a Latino and bragging about it. The Latino community doesn't need to be thought of as object," wrote Twitter user @stpwhiteprivlge.

There are people commenting who think the "cultural appropriation" accusations are ridiculous and that Ariana shouldn't be judged for whom she loves. But this isn't the first time Grande has been accused of "exploiting" a minority group. Grande was recently accused of exploiting the LGBT community after she spoke out against the judges who voted against the majority gay marriage ruling during a gay pride event a couple weeks back.

All of this raises an important question: Can straight white stars show their appreciation for gay people or minorities without being accused of exploiting them? What do you think of all this controversy surrounding Ariana Grande? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: In Touch Weekly]