Mila Kunis: A Good Reason Actress Is Not In 'Ted 2,' Family Matters And Wedding Bells

Mila Kunis was a part of the hysterical original movie with the talking bear named Ted and as it turns out, she is not involved with the sequel for personal reasons, as well as due to the choices of the movie's creator, Seth MacFarlane.

Bustle communicates that fans of the actress may be a bit disappointed about Kunis not returning as the main love interest, Lori, within the sequel to the Ted original. It may seem puzzling, especially due to the fact that Mila has a "long-standing relationship with creator Seth MacFarlane" after having voiced the character of Meg on his animated hit show, Family Guy, for over a decade.

When the sequel began to be publicized with well-known and talented actress Amanda Seyfried as the "featured female," after Kunis had been applauded for her role in the original, questions were raised about the new mommy's reasons for not returning. Her decision to not reprise the role was actually mutual between herself and production.

Deadline recently reported in regards to the mutual decision between Kunis and MacFarlane. Bustle sums up the reasoning behind the decision.

"The actress was was pregnant with daughter Wyatt, her child with Ashton Kutcher, at the time the film was shooting. And even if that hadn't been the case, Deadline reports that MacFarlane's intent was for Ted 2 to focus on Ted and his new wife, so Kunis' Lori wouldn't have had a sizable role, anyhow. "
There were definite conclusions drawn before the reality of the situation was made known. Some rumors that were stirred up included that Kunis was perhaps feuding with MacFarlane or that Kunis, since becoming a mommy, has something against foul-mouthed bears. However, Mila is completely supportive of the decision and recently shared about her hopes for the sequel.
"I wish them all the best, and I'm sure the movie will be hysterical."
The new wife to Ashton Kutcher, after a secretive garden party-style wedding took place just this past weekend, clearly has responded gracefully and thankfully towards MacFarlane and his original intention to lessen her spotlight in Ted 2. Kunis and Kutcher appear to have everything they need at the moment, with their beautiful bundle of joy Wyatt and after having just tied the knot. The couple has also expressed how intent they are in regards to maintaining as much privacy as possible while they raise their little one. Therefore, letting go of the spotlight is clearly within Kunis' best interest for the sake of her adorable little family.

[Featured image via Interview Magazine]