'SMITE' Hits Open Beta On Xbox One, Free To Play For All

SMITE finally exited the closed beta phase for the Xbox One on Wednesday and is now in open beta. That means console owners can now freely download the mythological third-person MOBA from Hi-Rez Studios and compete online with others.

It's been almost two months since the SMITE closed beta began for the Xbox One. Codes to join beta were scarce at first, but were widespread and easy to obtain by the end. Those that were unable to pick one up a code need only to visit the Xbox Store to download the game now for free now.

The major implication of the SMITE open beta is that everything is now permanent. Players who acquire new gods, cosmetic skins, and other items will transfer over to the full launch of the game later this summer. This will also include all progress and achievements earned in the game as well.

Existing PC players can link their SMITE account to their Xbox LIVE account to receive a free Zeus Xbox skin that can be used on both accounts. This is a one-time merge that copies all gods, progress, and items from the PC to the console version of the game. Afterwards, the PC and Xbox LIVE accounts will live on separate from one another.

SMITE - Xbox One - Ares

SMITE open beta players can also purchase the Founder's Pack for $29.99 through the Xbox Store. This pack comes with all 65 gods available in the game so far plus all future gods that will be released. It also includes 400 Gems, the exclusive Ares "Soldier of Fortune" skin, and the limited Ymir "Cacodemon X" skin. The Founder's Pack will only be available while SMITE is in open beta and will go away at launch.

For those unfamiliar with SMITE, the premise is similar to leading MOBAs such as Dota 2and League of Legends. The game features multiple pantheons of gods and deities based on Norse, Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, Roman, and Mayan mythologies, as well as the Hindu religion.

The primary difference between SMITE and competing MOBAs is also the reason the game works well on consoles. It utilizes a third-person, over the shoulder camera versus the top-down camera in Dota 2 and League of Legends. It is heavy on action, and currently offers several different control schemes for console players. Hi-Rez Studios has been tweaking and adding Xbox One control schemes based on feedback from players.

SMITE - Xbox One - Poseidon

The game currently includes the traditional 5v5 Conquest mode with three lanes as well as other modes of play.

Arena is a five on five open brawl that is good for starting players to get a handle on their gods and basic concepts of the game.

There's a 3v3 Joust game mode with one lane and a Siege mode that features two lanes and a super minion called Siege Juggernaut that needs to be destroyed before it runs over all your team's objectives.

Hi-Rez Studios will also put special "Match of the Day" modes out that contain unique rules or modifiers to matches. The game is constantly being updated, but is behind the PC version. However, it looks like league play is on the way in an update this month.

[Images via SMITE]