Han Solo Spin-Off In The Works, To Focus On Young 'Star Wars' Character [Report]

A Han Solo spin-off is reportedly in the works and it would focus on a young version of the beloved Star Wars character played by Harrison Ford in the original trilogy.

This is not the same project from which director Josh Trank was fired from (or quit, depending on what you believe), but a new Star Wars Anthology, according to an exclusive from the Hollywood Reporter. The exciting info indicates the film would be directed by Christopher Miller (21 Jump Street) in partnership with Phil Lord, the Lego Movie director.

Miller was an intern at Lucasfilm during the George Lucas days and played a Stormtrooper for one of the Star Wars: Special Edition films released after the originals. The pair worked together in both films already mentioned and they are a complete package as they write, produce, and direct their projects.

However, the untitled Young Han Solo Star Wars Anthology spin-off will see Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan pen the script, which has an expected release date of May 25, 2018, according to THR sources. By selecting Miller and Lord, Lucasfilm will explore a more humorous side in the Han Solo spinoff, in stark contrast with the darkness of the Prequels, which turned many fans off.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo
Harrison Ford as Han Solo (Image via Lucasfilm)

Harrison Ford was the epitome of sarcasm, which in part turned him into a beloved character that we will see back in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The lines are endless, and many fans of the original trilogy know his one-liners like the back of their hands.

Fans were thrilled when they saw the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens full-length trailer bring back the feel of the original trilogy. Bringing Miller and Lord would certainly be a step in that direction, but there are also concerns that their plate is really full with other projects including 23 Jump Street, The Lego Batman Movie, and The Lego Movie Sequel among others.

Of course the success of the Han Solo spin-off movie will be based greatly on who is cast in the starring role. This writer sees someone such as Sam Claflin or Chris Pratt, depending on how young Solo really is, but it has to be someone who can convince the audience they were a younger version of the famous smuggler we met in A New Hope.

Who do you think could play a young Han Solo convincingly? Are you interested in watching this movie?

[Image via Lucasfilm]