Miley Cyrus Could Still Be in Love with Ex-Boyfriend

I am convinced that Mily Cyrus' problems with other Disney supahstar Selena Gomez have to do with the fact that she's wildly, madly, deeply in love with ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas, who's most likely Selena's main man. I don't have proof besides Miley's revealing interview in the September issue of Seventeen, but I'll call it like I see it:

1. She says she loves him. "Nick and I loved each other. We still do, but we were in love with each other."

2. She changed her hair back to his favorite color. "[...] I dyed my hair black. When we were dating, Nick wanted me to get highlights - and so I did that, and I got myself looking great. And then, on the day we broke up, I was like, I want to make my hair black now - I don’t want to look pretty."

3. She kinda wants to marry him. "Maybe he’ll be my best friend for the rest of my life or maybe I’ll end up marrying Nick Jonas."

Girl's going to learn a lot about relationships if she keeps on down this path. Is desperation is her perfume of choice these days, or should we just chalk it up to age and immaturity?

Pondering the love lives of 15-year-olds kind of makes me want to take a shower.

Image: WireImage