Amy Winehouse’s Father Against ‘AMY’ Documentary, Wants To Make His Own Film [Spoilers]

Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse, isn’t pleased with the documentary AMY, which is set to release on July 11, and has already broken a record in the UK. In the painfully intimate portrait, director Asif Kapadia lays out a very obvious path for viewers to assert that Winehouse’s drug of choice was the attention she wasn’t seeking from her father Mitch and husband Blake.

Although Winehouse was an addict and one who often sung unabashedly about her drug use, when you get down to the bottom of the eye opening documentary, the singer was really after the affection her father and husband never fully gave her. That said, since Blake was an addict himself, a lot of the blame falls on Mitch Winehouse, who abandoned Amy at a young age, and floated in and out of her life until she started to get famous.

Painted as just a cash cow, in Asif’s depiction, Winehouse’s interests weren’t in the best interest for his daughter, but rather which option would make the money flow faster. In one instance, Winehouse’s record label intervenes very quickly when they realize her troubles are mounting. This decision was done prior to her recording Back to Black, the album that would bring her recognizably beyond her comprehension.

When Amy asked her father if she should go to rehab? Well, you know the song. He said no. Throughout most of the film he’s painted as an unstable figure looming in Winehouse’s life — a “yes” man rather than a parent with a duty.

Needless to say, Mitch Winehouse is not happy with this depiction, and has blasted the film and its director numerous times. In fact, Winehouse plans to make a film of his own. In the film we also find out that he’s shooting a reality series about him and his daughter Amy, against her wishes, as she tries to recover in St. Lucia.

So what are Mitch’s plans for the new revealing film? According to the late singer’s father he told the British show Loose Women, “We’re going to invite everyone that’s spoken on the other film and we’re not going to edit it, like they’ve edited me, and we’re going to tell the truth about Amy’s life because this is not.”

He continued, “If I went to see this film and I didn’t know what happened, I’d also have a dim view of me. That’s my point, it’s not true.” He also plans to get Amy’s friends together who he says were excluded from the recent documentary. That said, Kapadia has in depth conversations with two of Amy’s best friends from childhood throughout the film.

Kapadia tells another story that validates his documentary in his eyes. “We did a lot of research. We spoke to a lot of people and we put together a lot of archive. The finished film that people are going to see is an honest representation of everything that we heard and saw. It’s not trying in any way to try and point a finger at any single person.”

[Photo by Dave J. Hogan / Getty Images]