‘Dance Moms’ Teasers: Solos Galore And A Special Guest For The Girls Ahead [Spoilers]

'Dance Moms' earns a visit from Shangela

A new episode of Dance Moms airs Tuesday night on Lifetime, and the girls will be feeling the pressure. Nationals are just a few weeks away at this point, and both the dancers and the moms are anxious to score a win. However, there’s some drama surrounding Abby Lee Miller, and it seems there will be chaos all around. What Dance Moms spoilers are available for the July 7 episode?

This one is called “Where in the World Is Abby Lee Miller?” TV Guide shares that each of the Abby Lee Dance Company girls will get opportunities to do solos in the next competition as a way to prepare for the upcoming Nationals. However, it seems that Abby Lee Miller herself is not around.

In addition, there will be fresh talk about both Kendall and Nia’s musical pursuits as this episode showcases the release of Kendall’s song “Wear ‘Em Out.” However, it seems that her manager isn’t there to help amp up the hype, so there’s little buzz about it.

On the other hand, Dance Moms spoilers tease that Holly will bring in a special guest to help Nia prepare for creating a rap single, and it seems this will involve Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Viewers may remember that Shangela has appeared on the show before, back in Season 3. The ALDC girls loved Shangela then, and it seems they’re excited by this fresh visit as well.

However, Dance Moms spoilers indicate that not everybody is happy with this surprise appearance. A sneak peek from the show’s Facebook page shows that Jill is unhappy with Shangela’s visit as she says that the girls need to focus on their solo rehearsals. Jill says they need to end their losing streak, and she notes that if Abby were there, things would definitely be different.

Just where is Abby? Miller had teased in interviews before these current episodes started that there were some times when things got ugly, and she’d be out of the picture for a bit. Indeed, that’s how things are playing out as this episode seemingly has nothing involving Kalani, Kira or Abby.

How do the girls do in their solos? According to the Dance Moms spoiler Wikia page, there are some big successes. Though JoJo’s solo is apparently scratched, Kalani, Mackenzie, and Maddie all reportedly earn first place in their respective divisions. Nia is said to earn second place in the teen division behind Kalani while Kendall earns third place in the pre-teen division where Maddie scored first.

While Abby Lee Miller may be gone from this episode, she’s back with more drama in the July 14 episode. It seems there’s another tense battle between Miller and Kalani’s mom Kira in that one, and the team competes on Kalani’s home turf.

Which girls will do well enough during this solo week to earn solos for Nationals? Fans can’t wait to find out as the dancing and drama plays out in Tuesday’s episode of Dance Moms on Lifetime.

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