Pippa Middleton Steps Out Into Public For The First Time After Gun “Incident”

Media magnet Pippa Middleton essentially went into hiding after that whole “gun incident” earlier on in the week, but the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge in Central London on Friday, and her demeanor was markedly different.

Pippa was seen roaming around Central London, with at least one trip being the Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa, according to a report by E! News. Whereas Middleton is usually bubbly in all of her photos, her appearance was much more somber than usual.

If the reports are to be believed, there’s a good reason for that. Various sources say that the “gun incident”, which some are calling “Gungate” (I vote that we all stop calling it that), was an “embarrassment” to Pippa’s royal in-laws.

Pippa has yet to comment on the incident, but Arthur de Soultrai, one of the friends who was along with her for the ride, explained the situation to Us Weekly, saying: “As a joke, my friend brandished a toy pistol in their direction. Obviously Philippa had no idea that he was going to do that and she told him to stop immediately. She did not find it funny.

After a bunch of fuss over the gun incident in the days after, it looks like the scandal of sorts is finally starting to blow over, and Pippa is once again ready to be seen out in public.

Do you think that the Pippa Middleton “gun incident” was blown out of proportion?