WWE News: John Cena Heavily Praises Cesaro Following Their Match On ‘WWE Raw’

John Cena Cesaro WWE Raw

WWE fans are still saying that John Cena can’t wrestle. Aside from other asinine comments from ignorant wrestling fans, Cena proved he can wrestle once his U.S. Open Challenge began on WWE television. Week after week, the 15-time WWE champion has taken on all challengers and defeated them in great matches. After Sami Zayn and Neville faced off against Cena, Kevin Owens came up to the WWE main roster.

These last few matches with Owens were superb. Their bout at Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank are considered “Match of the Year” candidates, and Cena just isn’t done surprising WWE fans. Out of nowhere, Cesaro entered the mix and also gave Cena a run for his money.

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Vince McMahon wanted to change WWE programming in order to help the ratings. Last night was certainly evident of that. Brock Lesnar destroyed J&J Security’s car, and Cesaro and John Cena engaged in an amazing contest, one that had the Chicago crowd buzzing.

After the match, Cena wasn’t done giving back to the WWE. According to a fan in the Chicago crowd, John Cena praised Cesaro out of the building, and here’s what a fan had to say about it.

“I was at RAW and the segment after the show was amazing. As a Chicagoan who hates Cena, I have the most respect in the world for him after the speech he gave. He talked about how Cesaro deserves to be in the main event every night and that if he keeps trying he will get to the top one day. Cena also talked about how Cesaro gave him another memory he can cherish forever.”

For those that want to hear what Cena said verbatim, a fan shot the entire promo on video. Its quality is subpar, but the viewers are able to make out what the U.S. champ said.

Last night, JBL said John Cena may be the best WWE superstar of all-time. To set the record straight, Cena isn’t the best wrestler. That title can go to guys like Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Eddie Guerrero, and other who are more technically-advanced and have put on 5-star matches.

That being said, Cena has improved throughout the years. It’s evident from CM Punk’s feud with him that since that point, his wrestling has been on-point. WWE fans who still complain about John Cena’s wrestling ability should watch his matches on WWE RAW these past two weeks.

[Image via bleacherreport.com]