Indian Girl Beats Man Who Harassed Her Half Senseless While Cops Watch [Video]

Indian girl

An Indian girl dragged a man who tried to harass her inside a police station, then kicked him, slapped him, and beat him with a shoe while an amused police officer in the background watched, NDTV is reporting.

The girl, identified only as a “Class 11 student” named Sanjana, walked to school with other girls along a route apparently frequented by a man who enjoys harassing young schoolgirls. Her would-be harasser was identified only as Ankrit. Reports say he was “notorious” for harassing schoolgirls in the area.

The incident took place in the Pilibhit district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

As of this post, details are scarce about what, specifically, transpired before and after the beating. What is known is that Sanjana was walking to school and, when she realized she was being followed by the creep, somehow dragged the man into a nearby police station. Inside, the Indian girl proceed to slap and kick the man, while asking him if he ever planned on harassing any other girls ever again, at one point twisting his arm. In a final act of defiance, she took off her shoe and beat the man with it until he fell to his knees and pleaded for mercy. All the while, a bemused police officer looks on, smiling and laughing.

It is unclear, as of this post, if the girl or her would-be harasser were arrested and/or charged with any crimes.

The would-be harasser is described in the Indian media as an “Eve-teaser.” Urban Dictionary defines “Eve-teasing” as “the use of sexual innuendo, making of indecent suggestions and sometimes minor physical sexual harassment (e.g. ‘accidental’ touching or pinching). An expression used widely on the Indian Sub-continent.”

And it’s a huge problem in India. So widespread is the problem of Eve-teasing in India that at least one jurisdiction in the country has added a special squad of plain-clothes female officers to deal with it. Kerala’s squad, called “Shadows,” has been a success, according to One India.

“Kerala’s roads are notoriously unsafe for women, especially after dusk. Those who use buses regularly have often complained about unwelcome male attention, including intentional physical contact.”

Still, so-called “Eve-teasing” is part of a larger problem of sex crimes against women and girls in India, in particular because police and courts can be reluctant to prosecute those who would commit such crimes.

Hopefully, this one particular Indian girl’s decision not take it anymore will send a message to other would-be harassers.

[Image courtesy of YouTube]