Man Trampled During Bull Run In Idaho Falls, Gets Up And Keeps Running [Video]

Captured on video, spectators were horrified as a man was trampled by three bulls during the Patriot Bull Run in Idaho on Saturday, July 4.

The man went down as one stampeding bull hit him, then two additional bulls running side-by-side trampled him.

But according to witnesses at the Patriot Bull Run in Idaho, the determined guy righted himself, jumped back on his feet, and kept running, per the Daily Mirror.

Fox 8 News reported that organizers of the Patriot Bull Run claimed the man was “not seriously injured” and that he continued on to run with the massive animals during “four additional heats of the race.”

This unique Independence Day race was modeled after the famous San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain. According to the event’s Facebook page, 150 people participated and ran with the bulls before a large crowd of onlookers watching safely from the stands. No other runners reported getting hurt during the event.

The 18 bulls were provided by Avery Bucking Bulls. The massive animals reportedly weighed in between 1,100 and 1,500 pounds. Each bull was introduced by name, and each seems to have been named for his bullish shock value.

Owner Vance Avery told the Ohio State Journal that “Eye of the Storm,” “Indecent,” “Sledgehammer,” and the other 15 beasts are normally used in rodeo competitions.

“We wanted to bring something fun and entertaining to the Fourth of July that people could go to during the middle of the day,” said co-organizer Lacey Cox to the Idaho State Journal.

This was the first time a bull run was attempted in Idaho Falls at Sandy Downs.

Grant Cox, another of the event organizers, commented to Fox.

“Everybody had a really good time,” said Grant. “It was a big success and folks can definitely look forward to another Idaho bull run in the future.”

It is not uncommon for bull tramplings during a running of the bulls like this. Just today, the Inquisitr reported an incident in Pamplona where three participants were gored by bulls.

Thrill-seekers, like the man who went down in the video, were called upon to join in the charity bull run. The following invite was posted on the Patriot Bull Run Facebook page.

“We invite you to come be a PATRIOT and put YOUR life on the line for those who put THEIR life on the line everyday. Join us in the front lines as we RUN with 1,500 pound bulls raging down a 1/4 mile course. This will be an adrenaline rush of a lifetime whether you’re running or watching. Come combat your fears and give back to those who serve and protect our nation!”

A portion of the proceeds from the Patriot Bull Run was donated to the MARSOC Foundation.

The nonprofit organization provides active-duty and medically-retired Marines and their families with benevolent support.

The unidentified man in the video took on this challenge, got hit by the first bull, went down, got trampled by two additional bulls, and took one for the team after continuing on to run for four more heats. If there is a second annual Patriot Bull Run in Idaho Falls next Fourth of July, more spectators will likely be there, armed with their smartphones.

[Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez / Getty Images News]