Who Was Amanda Peterson: From Actress To Writer

Many people have been shocked to hear that Amanda Peterson has died at the age of 43. However, there are some who had never heard of her. It has led to many questioning her identity and the roles she played as an actress.

The movie Peterson was most well-known for was Can’t Buy Me Love. The 1987 movie starred Patrick Dempsey, and she played the bought girlfriend meant to help Dempsey’s character gain more popularity. Amanda’s acting career actually started five years earlier, with her second role as a dancer in Annie.

Some of her other roles after Can’t Buy Me Love have included Hell Hath No Fury and The Lawless Land. She had won a few awards for her roles in the 1980s and early 1990s, including the Young Artist Award for her role in A Year in the Life. Her acting in Fatal Charm was highly praised, according to her IMDb profile.

Amanda Peterson decided to quit acting in 1994, but it is unclear what she did. There are some reports that she went back to school. TMZ reports that she dropped out of school in 2010, and then attempted to become a writer.

Peterson’s family had become worried when they had not heard from her since July 3. Her father says that she was found two days later in her bed, and it is suspected that her sleep apnea may have caused her death. Autopsy results will be required to determine her actual cause of death. She had reportedly been battling various health problems over the last couple of years, including pneumonia and sinusitis.

A number of celebrities have taken to social media to share their condolences. Sarah Michelle Gellar admitted that Amanda had been her inspiration, and she always wanted to be like her. Saved by the Bell star Mario Lopez and Smallville actor Michael Rosenbaum said that they both had a crush on the actress when they were younger. Will Friedle from Boy Meets World also said he had a crush on her, saying that she was one of his first crushes.

In 1987, Peterson had admitted that she needed to split her personal and acting lives. Her acting was work, and while she enjoyed it, it was something she had to do. Even then, she made it clear that there was an element of popularity in the business to be able to get ahead. As tributes poor in, Amanda Peterson’s family waits to hear how she died alone while at home.

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