Beatboxing Duo: Dad’s Good But Wait Til You Hear His Daughter [Videos]

Beatboxing champions

Hailing from St. Louis, Nicole’s dad is pretty darn good at beatboxing, but just wait until you hear his daughter and apprentice as she reveals her totally amazing and astounding skills.

In the video above we see Mr. Paris and his daughter Nicole sit down at the table and Nicole’s father says this will be “battle part two,” because most people said she won last time, and “that’s good, that’s good but here we go.” He then launches into a really impressive beatboxing session.

Yes, the man is good, very good, but it seems he has also taught his daughter well. Nicole gets to beatboxing next and totally blows her father’s efforts right out of the water.

While we watch the four minute clip, we see father and daughter going backwards and forwards, revealing their incredible beatboxing talent along with some fancy hand movements.

When it all comes to an end, it is pretty clear that of mentor and apprentice, the daughter definitely takes the cake as the beatboxing champion of the Paris family.

Beatboxing champions

The beatboxing battle, uploaded to YouTube by Nicole Paris herself on July 5 is doing well, having already seen over 100,000 views at the time of writing.

However, while the video is doing well on YouTube, according to a further video posted by Nicole on her channel, the version they posted on her Facebook page has now reached an amazing 1,000,000 views.

For anyone who would like to see round one, the following video was uploaded to Nicole’s YouTube channel on February 19, 2014. That video didn’t do so well with only 26,300 views, and while the talented girl’s beatboxing skills were good back then, now she is totally amazing.

It must be a lot of fun living with the Paris family, beatboxing champions of YouTube! Who do you think did best in the battle?

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]