New Oreos Too Sophisticated For Dunking — Where’s The Fun In Eating Them? [Video]

Sophisticated New Oreos

Apparently the Oreos we all know and love were never really for “grown-ups.” The sophisticated new Oreo Thins are meant for adults, especially the ones hoping to watch their figure.

Oreo Thins are expected to hit shelves across the country this week. Mondelez International, the maker of Oreos, says these sandwich cookies are going to be a “permanent” fixture in the United States. Photos of the cookie packages reveal that there are regular and mint flavors. There’s also a Golden Oreo version.

It seems that the Thins will be kept simple, unlike the chunkier cookies that are available in a wide variety of flavors.

So what are the benefits of Oreo Thins? Well, apparently you get to eat an additional one and not feel guilty. Mondelez made these cookies extra thin so that you get to eat more for a lower calorie total. With regular Oreos, you eat three, and you’ve eaten 160 calories. These sophisticated Oreos allow you to eat four and only ingest 140 cookies! That’s 35 calories per cookie, if you’re curious.

The streamlined, simple new product may make the weight conscious adults happy, but it may rub some “cookie connoisseurs” the wrong way that these snacks aren’t for dunking. At least, they’re not meant to be as sophisticated adults don’t dunk their cookies.

The Oreo Thins aren’t meant to be pulled apart, unlike regular Oreos. Statistics show that eaters of the thicker version tend to pull them apart to eat most of the time.

If you are stubborn about your eating habits and don’t care to be sophisticated about it, don’t worry. Janda Lukin, senior director of Oreo for North America, said that if customers really want to pull their Oreo Thins apart, that’s fine.

“If people want to do [twist apart and dunk Oreo Thins], it’s clearly up to them.”

The New York Times reports that the company introduced the new cookies in the hopes that they would catch on as Oreo cookies declined over the first three months of the year. This non-dunking, sophisticated cookie is meant to entice new customers.

However what happens if new customers and old pass on the thinner cookie? It’s not like Oreos are known for their sophistication. And what’s the fun of an Oreo without milk?

Do you approve of the “sophisticated” new Oreo Thins or do you prefer regular Oreos? Should cookies get dunked? Share your thoughts below!

[Image Credit: Buzz60/Mondelēz International/YouTube]