Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade’s Girlfriend, Banned From Front Row Of Heat Games

If you’ve been watching Miami Heat games this season you’ve probably seen Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade’s girlfriend, sitting court side. She was probably screaming something obscene at a ref. Or heckling one of the player’s on the court. Unfortunately, Union’s antics will no longer be apart of the Heat’s game plan, as Wade has banned his girlfriend from the front row.

Union appeared on Conan last night and told the talk show host that she’s no longer allowed to sit court side.

Union said:

“I don’t sit court side anymore. That got killed when I got a little too vocal. (Wade said) ‘we’re going to need you to move a few rows back.'”

Union also gave a few examples of her heckling skills.

She screamed at veteran official Dick Bavetta: “You’ll get your Viagra if you just make a call.” Told an unnamed overweight player: “Your spanx are showing.” And constantly yells “brick” and “airball.”

Oh, and Dwyane Wade isn’t exempt from her criticism. When Wade puts up a bad shot, Union makes sure to let him hear about it. Even if its from the fifth row.

Here’s the video of Gabrielle Union on Conan.

Do you think Gabrielle Union should be banned from the front row?