‘Fallout Shelter’ Finally Coming To Android, Totally Worth The Wait

Fallout Shelter is finally coming to Android after a long wait, Bethesda Softworks vice president of PR and marketing confirms.

When Fallout 4 was announced by Bethesda, not only did the gaming community rejoice for the Fallout 4 console game, but they also celebrated the surprise release of Fallout Shelter, a Fallout-spinoff game for mobile users.

While Fallout Shelter was released early for iOS users, Android users were left in the dark for quite a time, since Fallout Shelter was not available for Android from the beginning. However, Destructoid reports that finally, the wait has almost come to an end, and Android users will be able to download Fallout Shelter to their smartphones by August.

The confirmation that Fallout Shelter will already be available in Android in August came from Pete Hines himself, Bethesda vice president for PR and marketing. Although he advises everyone to hold their horses for now, he expects Bethesda to come out with an official announcement sometime next month.

We’re sure Bethesda is pushing the Fallout Shelter compatibility for Android users, since it has been reported that Fallout Shelter is doing so well in iOS alone. In mid June, Fallout Shelter actually knocked Candy Crush Saga from its consistent spot as third place on the app store, with the Candy Crush Saga reportedly making $2.5 million a day in 2015. Fallout Shelter, then, is making around or even more than that mark.

Pete Hines told Gamesbeat that he is very pleased that Fallout Shelter is doing very well.


“We’re very pleased. Fallout Shelter is doing amazingly well, with no real buildup. To take such a light approach to monetization compared to other free-to-play games — we felt like we wanted to err on the side of caution and make it very unobtrusive, make sure it was fun first and foremost. So far so good.”

While Bethesda planned Fallout Shelter to serve as a teaser before Fallout 4 actually arrives this fall, it’s surprising that Fallout Shelter is doing pretty well for itself, surpassing its function as a marketing material and even making a lot of money for the company. Not a month has passed from Fallout Shelter’s release, and with the success it is making right now, we’re pretty sure Bethesda will continue to support and develop the game, since it has a lot of potential as a game and as a profit-generating entity.

Fallout Shelter came out for iOS initially during Bethesda’s presentation at the E3 this year, but even at that time, Bethesda promised that the game will come to Android.

[Image via VentureBeat]