Incredibly Emotional Moment When Two Elephants Reunite After 22 Years Of Separation [Video]

Shirley and Jenny are two elephants who had the unfortunate experience of being cruelly-treated circus acts. Then, after 22-years of separation, they were reunited when PBS aired a documentary on them back in 2000.

Shirley and Jenny were reunited in Tennessee at The Elephant Sanctuary where the two were able to reconnect as friends.

They say an elephant doesn’t forget, and the reunion between these two becomes quite an apparent example of that — as the incredible moments were captured showing the duo displaying love and happiness at seeing each other. At one point, they even bent the steel bars that separated them in order to get closer to together.

The bars were eventually moved and the two were able to properly embrace. After this, Shirley and Jenny spent the rest of their time together at their sanctuary home, playing and enjoying each other’s company.

Unfortunately, Jenny suffered from an illness in 2006 and died – and Shirley, mourning the passing of her best friend, refused to eat for two days.

The above video, and so many others like it, offer a clear example of animals not being mindless beasts as some may say, but creatures that are capable of displaying love and emotion.

[Image via PBS]