Air Travel, Without the Travel

Boy oh boy, has JetBlue ever got the deal for you: For a limited time only, you can experience all the joys of air travel…without taking a trip anywhere!

That’s right, you’ll get it all — the crowds, the lines, the irritated employees, the lost luggage — just no actual flight, no arrival at a new destination.

JetBlue is trying to find 1,000 people willing to show up at New York’s JFK Airport to help do a “dry run” of its new terminal. The airline wants passengers to check bags, get through security, and then hang out at gates for flights that will never show up. (Hey, at least that last part is fairly comparable to a real travel experience.)

For wasting your entire day and dealing with all the aggravation, JetBlue will give you — ready for this? — free parking, lunch, and the potential to win other “giveaways.” We can only hope those include coupons for a complimentary cup of water, or maybe a pillow on your next flight…without the new $7 charge.