‘Bachelor’ Contestant Says Kaitlyn Bristowe And Shawn Booth’s ‘Off-Camera’ Time Would Have Been Forbidden By Producers

Kaitlyn Bristowe is a different kind of Bachelorette. She had a tryst with Nick Viall well before the overnight dates and had “off-camera” time with Shawn Booth. In a new blog post, one of Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis’ contestants, Sharleen Joynt, says there’s no way producers would have allowed Kaitlyn and Shawn to have “off-camera” time. Joynt deduced that Kaitlyn must have snuck off to the men’s room, and that willingness to break the rules is one reason why Sharleen loves her.

“Juan Pablo and I sat at the back of the yacht while it was navigated home. The camera crew had gone back to shore on a different boat. It was just the two of us cuddled in a blanket, still mic’ed, and Juan Pablo’s producer left us alone, instructing us not to talk. When we continued to whisper, that same producer came back and literally sat with us, engaging us in mundane small talk, just to ensure we didn’t say anything of importance to each other.

“So, you’re telling me they allowed Kaitlyn to visit the guys’ room off-camera? Forget about it. There’s just too much potential for relationship development without a camera to capture it.”

Joynt was on the same season of The Bachelor as Andi Dorfman, who took the lead on The Bachelorette the following year. Nick Viall was one of Dorfman’s final two. He joined Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season several weeks into the process.

Elsewhere in the blog post, Joynt reasoned that Kaitlyn must have known the Bachelorette producers would not approve of her “off-camera” time with Shawn, but there was not much they could do about it.

During the “off-camera” time, Kaitlyn apparently told Shawn he was “the one.” Bristowe later told the Bachelorette cameras she may have given him too much confidence. Booth seemed to find any of Kaitlyn’s interactions with the other men very difficult and pleaded with Kaitlyn for additional reassurance about their relationship.

On his blog for Yahoo, Harrison said Bristowe has “handled things in her own way.” The season’s normal formula, with hometown dates coming before romantic overnight dates, was switched up to accommodate Kaitlyn and the unique way that her relationships had developed.

Joynt described the moment this was announced on the program as “a giant wrist slap” to Kaitlyn.

Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky wrote in her blog that it must be very difficult for Kaitlyn and her final pick — whoever that may be — to watch this season. The show has put Bristowe’s regrets front and center. These include Booth’s insecurity and the early intimacy with Viall.

On the next episode, Kaitlyn is due to tell the remaining men about her and Viall. Despite the theatrics of a big reveal, there are rumors that some of the men already knew.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC.

[Images: ABC]