Meet Fuzzberta: Guinea Pig Takes Instagram By Storm

There have been a number of cats and dogs that have been popular in social media over the years. For instance, Boo, the Pomeranian, has 17 million likes on his Facebook profile. Then, as the Inquisitr previously reported, there’s Maru, the cat from Japan who is the star of several YouTube videos. Cute cats and dogs have plagued social media, but a guinea pig may soon give them a run for their money.

Meet Fuzzberta. Fuzzberta P. Jones, or simply Fuzzberta, is a guinea pig owned by Monica Wu, a graphic designer from Pacifica, California. The “P” in Fuzzberta’s name stood for “pee,” as Monica told Mashable, since Fuzzberta used to pee herself every time she was taken out of her cage. Now, the “P” in Fuzzberta’s name stands for Pikachu, the popular Pokemon.

Fuzzberta is slowly making her way into the top of the cuteness ladder on Instagram, and as of this post, she has 18,000 followers. She also has a Facebook page that has 452 likes.

According to Fuzzberta’s owner, Monica, she wanted to create pictures that can get an idea out with just using one prop. In addition, she says that she is “good at making tiny hats.”

Fuzzberta’s images are adorable, to say the least, and when Monica posted a few photos that she took of Fuzzberta, she got a positive response on Facebook. She then posted Fuzzberta’s pictures on Instagram, where the guinea pig became an instant hit.

In the pictures, Fuzzberta looks like she is in her element and at times, she doesn’t even look real. There’s a picture of her pushing a shopping cart with lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots, while another shows her wearing a Mexican hat beside a potted cactus. You can scroll through her Instagram feed and not get tired of all the cuteness. You can check out some of Fuzzberta’s photos below.

What do you think of Fuzzberta? Do you think she is the next Instagram celebrity?

[Images via Fuzzberta Instagram]