Miki Sudo: Champion Defends Title At Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

The Coney Island Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is a July 4 tradition. This year, an upset occurred in the men’s division, while Miki Sudo defended her title of champion.

Miki Sudo won the women’s hot-dog eating contest by devouring 38 hot dogs and buns. She did this in only 10 minutes. Sudo also took home a check for $10,000. Miki Sudo was able to eat four more hot dogs than she did last year when she won the event. Coming in at a distant second was Sonya “Black Widow” Thomas who was only able to eat a total of 31. The strategy used by the two-time champion saw her eating the hot dog first and then saturating the bun in her drink. Sudo would then eat the wet bun.

Over on the men’s side, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut was hoping to become a champion for the 9th straight time, but Matt Stonie was not going to let that happen. Last year, Stonie came in second, losing to “Jaws.” This year, Stonie became the champion by eating a total of 62 hot dogs and buns. Chestnut was only able to finish 60. The person who came in at a very distant third was only able to eat 32. That was six hot dogs short of what Miki Sudo ate during the women’s contest. In 2013, Chestnut won the hot dog eating contest while setting a world record at the same time. At the contest two years ago, Chestnut ate 69 hot dogs and buns.

Stonie spoke with ESPN after he was crowned the men’s hot dog eating champion.

“I trained hard for this. This is actually amazing. We don’t just go up there and eat hot dogs. We practice for this. We prepare our bodies. It was a tough contest. Joey brings it all. I had to push really hard to beat him. But I feel great.”

Chestnut also gave a comment about this years contest.

“I’ve been looking for competition for a long time and I finally have it.”

The Independence Day tradition entered its 99th year. On Friday, past champions gathered for the annual weigh-in. Notables in the weigh-in included Chestnut who weighed in at 230 pounds. New champion Matt Stonie weighed only 125 pounds. On the women’s side, Michelle Lesco was the lightest person at the weigh-in at 112 pounds. Nela Zisser was a close second weighing just 114 pounds.

Did you watch the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on ESPN?

[Image via lohud.com]